An “Uber” of health

The Montreal-based app Avvy is a new concept for “ordering” health care services from home, like Uber.

“We have had hundreds of calls for up to a few months that have already been made and about 2,000 people who already have the application on their phone,” explains Sebag Oren, founder of the Avvy application and nurse.

In the same way that you order your meal or your taxi, a person comes to your house depending on the service you need.

Mr. Oren gives the example of a blood test. You photograph your doctor’s prescription, you make an appointment with the nurse closest to your residence, you pay, and he arrives as quickly as possible.

“We wanted to make an appointment elsewhere, and it was like a month and more of waiting,” explains Farah Ahmad, a user of the application.

Recently, her daughter Fiona needed a blood test. It cost him $109 to get the results a few hours later.

“This is not obvious. I don’t want to waste hours of my day. So, for me, it’s worth it,” says Ms. Ahmad.

As for the workforce operating for Avvy, nurses from the public network submitted their availability.

“The medical professional who has the choice of saying, ‘I’m going to give two hours here, three hours there,’ or even give a full day. So it’s much easier for the person to come and join, ”says the CEO of the application.

For Sebag Oren, this concept is the future of home care.

“It’s really about giving Quebecers this easy and smart option to have health care at home.”

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