Ancelotti: “The reaction was spectacular”

NEWS STORY. 01/19/2023. Alberto Navaro

“This club never surrenders, but we can’t wait to get to the end to react,” explained the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at the Ceramics stadium after Real Madrid’s victory against Villarreal and qualification for the Copa del Rey quarter-finals: “At the break I was very upset and I decided to take risks by pressing high. In the duels, we were not there and I asked them to wake up, that it was time to do it. They woke up very well. The first period did not It wasn’t good and we can’t play like that. In the second, the reaction was spectacular, as always. This club never surrenders, but we can’t wait until the end to react”.

“We played a very bad first half and an unexpected second because it’s hard to change dynamics after such a first half. The team showed personality to change that dynamic. The second half gives us a lot of We didn’t surrender and I’m sure you too have changed your articles”.

Compliments to Ceballos and Asensio
“They changed the dynamics of the match. They put more quality and energy on the pitch. They were instrumental in turning the tide and the knockout stage.”

The Camavinga game
“In the second half, he had more energy and more character than in the first. Little by little, he is learning that he has to take care of himself. His match was sold out”.

Rodrygo’s Change
“He was a little embarrassed at the muscle level and decided not to take the risk. He didn’t salute because I think he forgot. I don’t think it’s serious.”

Reina’s expulsion
“Nothing happened. He was a little pissed off with Vini Jr., nothing more. I have a good relationship with him. What I saw was that Vini Jr. received a lot of blows, as always”.


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