And more… Oppo, Generali, EDF, Optical Center

Since September 21, the smartphone brand Oppo, with Sid Lee, plays its full role as a partner of UEFA and its Champions League, by investing TikTok. Dubbed #OPPOShadowSkills, thehe campaign features football influencers and freestylers which invite TikTok users to show off their footballing prowess, inspired by the skills on display each week during Champions League matches.

► Dentsu X and dentsu creative, respectively media agency and creation network of the dentsu group, support Generali in the launch of the “Together Face risks” platform, explained in the context of a campaign available on TV (in prime time every Wednesday on France 2 and every Saturday on France 3 from November 16 until the beginning of 2023) and digital (played by Jamy) as well as through a partnership with the Epicurieux YouTube channel. The free and personalized tool allows those who use it “to know their vulnerability, to acquire the right reflexes and to implement the appropriate devices”, according to a press release, while making a diagnosis of exposure to risks. Short videos will also be relayed on Epicurieux’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok accounts.

► EDF, which wishes to raise awareness among the French about the right eco-gestures to take in order to save money -under the advice of its agency Havas Media -, called on Hawk to design a cross-device advertising campaign combining impact, interaction and efficiency. . Hawk has developed two exclusive VOL formats based on user engagement. Delivered on mobile and desktop, through in-stream and out-stream placements, each format prompted exposed audiences to flip a switch to dim the video ad’s brightness.

► For its latest campaign on TikTok, “Un Oeil sur le jeu”, the optical and hearing brand Optical Center collaborates with French footballer Matteo Guendouzi in a series of football challenge videos related to sight and hearing. The Qwamplify Social agency, which has been managing the brand’s social media for more than five years, imagined and produced this operation, with the help of AFilms, which manages the player’s communication.

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