Angers: Naples begins to get annoyed for Ounahi

None of the courtiers ofAzzedine Ounahi would not be ready to align the amount expected by Angers to let him go. The most important offer would have been proposed by Leeds United, while Naples would not intend to play in the overbidding.

Azzedine Ounahi, Angers

If we are to believe the elements relayed by Calciomercato, Said Chabane will struggle to get the 30 million euros he wants for Azzedine Ounahi. The Italian outlet claim that Leeds United have offered the most, with an offer of 25 million euros. The English club should not go higher.

The SSC has temporarily withdrawn from the file

Among the other interested parties, Leicester would have stopped at 18 million euros, while Naples would not want to go beyond 15 million euros, with the bonuses. Amounts far below what the president of SCO Angers hoped for. The Neapolitan club would not appreciate the strategy of the Angevins, on this file. The Vesuvius club have already agreed with the player for a five-year contract, with a salary of 1.8 million euros per year. He would not consider going beyond his proposal. Il Mattino is even believed to have withdrawn from the auction temporarily after Leeds’ offer.

This season, Azzedine Ounahi has taken part in 15 Ligue 1 matches. The 22-year-old midfielder has had an impressive World Cup and has a contract that runs until June 2026. Said Chabane has already spoken about him, saying he would have a hard time saying no to offers about him. The Angevin president even declared at the microphone of Premium Video that two French clubs were interested in his player.

OM, long associated with the name of the Moroccan international, is actually not interested. The Marseille leaders are focused on recruiting a central offensive element whose name has not filtered through.

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