Apple already offers apps for the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple is preparing the launch of its Apple Watch Ultra which will be commercially available this Friday. Unlike the Series 8 or the 2nd generation Apple Watch SE, the manufacturer has took risks with this brand new model which is aimed at a niche, that of athletes and adventurers (we bet however that this Ultra will know its little success with users less inclined to extreme sports).

In the meantime, Apple is preparing the ground, starting with the App Store. Two apps specifically designed for the Apple Watch Ultra are available, the files are present but it is impossible to download them – unless you have the new watch!

Depth and Siren.

Depth is intended for divers who will be able to consult the depth (up to 40 meters) of the waters where they frolic while a shark lurking in the shadows is about to eat them. The app also displays the water temperature and the time spent in depth. The activation of the measurements is automatic, but all you have to do is launch the app to get the calculations.

Siren simply allows you to launch the siren of the Apple Watch Ultra: with a power of 86 decibels, you will be heard from 600 meters around. The watch incorporates a dedicated loudspeaker for this function. These two applications will be pre-installed in the Apple Watch Ultra, their presence in the App Store is intended for all those who have deleted them.


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