Apple has no plans for a new generation of HomePod mini

Apple would not work on a new HomePod mini, but the Cupertino company would have new home automation products in its boxes.

With the recent return of the HomePod to the forefront, one would have thought that Apple could get to work on a new HomePod mini. After all, the Cupertino company has not offered a new generation for its small connected speaker since its introduction to the market in 2020 and the market today is one of the most competitive in tech. That being said, it would seem that such an update is not not on the agenda.

Apple wouldn’t be working on a new HomePod mini

In his latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, says he is convinced that the American giant is not “actively working” on a new HomePod mini. Regarding the second generation HomePod, he clarifies that the latter “doesn’t include any major new features that aren’t already in the $99 mini, so there’s no obvious reason to update this model.” Mark Gurman also suggests that Apple could improve the mini instead by releasing software updates to fix small flaws around Siri and app integration because that’s where there are “probably real improvements to be made”.

Apple recently updated its HomePod mini software to activate a temperature and humidity sensor that had been present, but unused, in the device since its release. As Mark Gurman points out, the new HomePod adds features previously exclusive to the HomePod mini, including support for Ultra-WideBand and Thread connectivity.

But the Cupertino company would have new home automation products in its boxes

Although a new HomePod mini won’t arrive for several years, Apple most likely has other connected home products in its boxes. Last August, this same Mark Gurman reported that the company was working on a smart display as well as a device combining the functionalities of a AppleTV, a camera and a HomePod. At that time, the journalist announced a possible launch in early 2024.

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