Apple is preparing to drastically change the design of the iPad Pro

Begun in 2018, the transition from the traditional curves of the iPad to much more perpendicular lines was completed four years later, when the tenth generation of the basic model arrived. But their manufacturer is already considering renewing the appearance of its tablets, as suggested by journalist Mark Gurman. He is recognized for many proven rumours, the specialist having seen it right almost nine times out of ten in the past. Its sources often come fromprying employees of the firm at the apple.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what the next iPads will look like. On the other hand, Gurman assumes that the iPad Pros will be the first to benefit from the makeover. This could coincide with other clues about the arrival of wireless charging (with a glass shell) on Apple’s large touchscreens, which still continue to feed quite slowly today. With this we also know that Cupertino would work on installing OLED panels offering better energy consumption to users.

What we miss on iPad

Among the most anticipated improvements on iPad, we can mention thinner borders around the screen precisely. This would be possible in two ways. The first, which Apple already offers on 2023 MacBook Pros and on high-end iPhones, is to trim the camera with a notch. But this distorts the format of the display. The alternative is to install the sensor under the screen, which Apple knows how to do as evidenced by patents filed by the firm. But there is little chance that this technology will land on tablets before it has even landed on mobile.

With this, remember that current iPads have an aluminum shell. This is crumbly and you just have to drop the tablet from a few tens of centimeters high to damage it. However, we know that the manufacturer also develops chassis in titanium. From here to offer us one on iPad, there is only one step.

Not for two years

In any case, we will have to wait before seeing what wood this future new design is made of. Gurman believes that change will only come 2024. For exact release slots, Apple’s calendar habits often aim for March, April, or September.

To go further, also know that Apple is expected to soon present a large iPad with perhaps a slab of sixteen inch.

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9" 128 GB

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9″ 128GB

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