Apple Music on Windows 11 doesn’t support CDs, sorry audiophiles

Recently available in Preview on Windows 11, Apple Music seems at first glance an excellent replacement for iTunes. With one detail, which may well annoy sound lovers and collectors: the application no longer reads CDs. It’s hard to say if the Cupertino company plans to add this feature in the future.

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It’s a whole era that Windows users now find themselves. After years of good and loyal service, iTunes is gradually giving way to its designated replacement: Apple Music. Most specifically, the new player also comes with Apple TV and Apple Devices, responsible for syncing devices. At first glance, therefore, everything seems to be under the sign of modernization, which, it must be admitted, is rather welcome after the reign of iTunes.

But this change is likely to make people unhappy. Indeed, as reported by our colleagues from MacGeneration, audiophiles and connoisseurs have been harmed by the arrival of this preview of Apple Music, and this for a specific reason: the application is abandoning support for CDs. It is therefore impossible to read his old Led Zeppelin album lying around in the back of the closet or, and this is the real problem, to convert files to lossless format.

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Apple Music on Windows 11 skips CDs

No more converting your albums to AAC or ALAC. If the thing remains of course possible with third-party applications, but the regulars of iTunes will regret its encoder considered as the best on the market by connoisseurs. As MacGeneration notes, however, we can hope that this functionality will be offered a little later, possibly in the final version of the application.

But better not rely too much on it. If the abandonment of the CD will displease audiophiles, it must be admitted that it makes sense in a context of loss of speed for the market and disappearance of optical drives on the majority of PCs. Moreover, Apple Music works more or less in the same way as iTunes in the management of its library. A consolation like any other.

Source : MacGeneration

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