Apple offers you Apple TV+ until next summer: how to take advantage of it?

For a few days, and until July 31, 2023, you can take advantage of an interesting good plan giving access to the Apple TV+ platform without paying for a period of up to 6 months. There is however several prerequisites :

  • Have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and a PlayStation Network account
  • Have an Apple account and therefore an Apple device (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, for example)

For PlayStation 4 owners, the Apple TV+ free period lasts 3 months. For those who have a PlayStation 5 in their hand, the time is doubled: you are entitled to 6 months of free Apple TV+. See below how to take advantage of it.

How to take advantage of the Apple TV+ offer offered with Sony PlayStation?

  • Go to your PlayStation console
  • Find and download the “Apple TV” application, via the media portal for example
  • Launch the app once the download is complete
  • Sign in to your Apple account
  • Validate the offer and take advantage of the 3 or 6 months free

This manipulation must be carried out before the July 31, 2023. You can find more information about this at Sony directly.

Please note that this offer is only valid for new Apple TV+ subscribers.

What to see on Apple TV+, once the offer has been validated?

If you are new to the Apple TV+ catalog, here is some content that has allowed the platform to gain popularity with the public, and which we also particularly appreciated:

  • Ted Lasso: comedy series telling the story of a former American football coach newly appointed coach of a small Premier League football team in England
  • My Mind & Me: documentary we follow Selena Gomez and her difficulties with her illness (bipolar disorder)
  • CODA: American remake of the hit French film The Aries Family
  • Mythic Quest: comedy series telling the story of a video game development studio signing the most popular MMORPG of the moment

See also the famous See, Servant, Dickinson or The Morning Show, Invasion and Foundation, among other high quality proposals. - Official App – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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