Apple TV can block you if you don’t have an iPhone

Apple has just updated tvOS, the operating system for its television box. While the update was only meant to fix a few minor issues, it took a whole other step following a tweet from @hugelgupf. This user assures that the update now requires the use of an iPhone or iPad to perform simple tasks from his Apple TV.

In particular, he mentions the idea that accepting new terms of service or new iCloud contracts cannot be done without an Apple phone or tablet. Which was not the case in the past. While this change should have little impact on the majority of Apple TV users, not everyone has an Apple phone or tablet at their fingertips.

Today Apple TV can very well be configured from scratch without having to use a third-party device. But since the arrival of tvOS 16 many manipulations require an iPhone or iPad connected to the same account.

With regard to the general conditions of use for example, it is not possible to read them directly on the Apple TV. For some unknown reason, Apple asks the user to take their phone or tablet and connect it to the television.

Apple TV: an iPhone accessory?

The brand goes even further and requires linked devices to be updated with iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 at a minimum. In other words, even with some iPhone or iPad it is impossible to complete this manipulation.

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If requests to accept T&Cs or device updates can be rejected, they reappear on the screen at regular intervals. Even more problematic, some Apple TV features are not accessible until the issue has been addressed by the user. - Official App – Official App

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