Apple uses Ted Lasso to talk about cybersecurity

This Tuesday was Data Protection Day, a symbolic date that allowed Apple to highlight this recurring theme of the latest keynotes. For the occasion, new functionalities were presented in order to better take control of its data.

A small short film, which appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel, features the actors of the popular series Ted Lasso (available on Apple TV+).

The arrival of this video is a fun way to convey the right cybersecurity gestures. Throughout the video, actor Nick Mohammed is followed by a narrator, skilled in a blue sweater and an Apple logo.

Email, ATT, Wallet…

The latter explains to him the various features implemented by Apple in recent years to protect a user’s data. He thus mentions the protection provided for e-mails or the App Tracking Transparency and the security present in Wallet, the native application of Apple.

This video was published the day after the release of iOS 16.3. One of the most important new features in this update to the iPhone operating system is the arrival of physical security keys. They are a simple solution to connect to your Apple ID without the slightest fear of a digital attack.

Apple and privacy: years of work

Apple is increasingly highlighting its work against attacks and the Apple brand repeats at length in trailers that “privacy is a fundamental human right”. This maxim which guides the evolutions of Apple does not however help the Apple to make allies.

The vast majority of companies in the digital world have based their business model on a strong use of user data for commercial purposes. By prohibiting such practices, it is a whole section of the digital economy that Apple is bringing down. - Official App – Official App

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