AppleCare+ offers unlimited accidental damage to current customers

It’s the good surprise of the weekend! Since this morning, Apple has been letting customers know AppleCare+ that the coverage now covers an unlimited number of accidental damages, for the same price. Originally, the service only covered two accidents per 12-month period. Of course, this takes nothing away from the deductible that you will have to pay to have your device repaired.

Thank you to everyone who sent us the information!

Apple revised its AppleCare+ program this week, which now includes unlimited coverage for current customers as well as new ones. The latter will nevertheless pay more for the insurance depending on the product:

Be careful, however, for those who have chosen the monthly plan of AppleCare +: at the next renewal of the subscription, its price will increase for the products concerned.


AppleCare+ insurance now covers unlimited repairs but costs more for some iPhones


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