Apple’s small accessible speaker would be here to last

According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple would not have planned to renew its small speaker anytime soon, even after the launch of the new HomePod 2.

HomePod mini and Apple's first HomePod
The HomePod mini and Apple’s first HomePod // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Last week, Apple was full of new products, without fanfare. After presenting its new processors M2 Pro and M2 Max — followed by new Macbook Pro and mac mini — the American manufacturer has also lifted the veil on its new connected speaker, the Second-generation HomePod.

This Monday, journalist Mark Gurman, of the Bloomberg agency, rightly returned in his newsletter, power-on, on Apple’s plans for connected speakers. Thus, if the firm has finally renewed the HomePod, more than five years after its initial launch, and two years after having withdrawn the first model from sales, the firm seems to be satisfied with the version “ mini » currently on sale. Indeed, according to the American journalist, Apple has no plans to renew its HomePod mini and would still be satisfied for several years with the model initially launched in 2020:

After the launch of the new full-size HomePod, many users started wondering if the mini model would get a new release. Currently, I don’t believe that Apple is actively working on such a product. The new HomePod doesn’t include any major features that aren’t already in the $109 mini model, so there’s no obvious reason to upgrade that model. Sure, it would be nice to have more colors, a more accessible price, better sound, and better microphones, but the real improvements will need to happen in the background — with Siri and integration of the app.

A HomePod mini with a still very interesting price-performance ratio

Mark Gurman is one of the best-informed journalists on Apple’s plans. If he indicates that he has not heard of any new version of the HomePod mini, there is indeed a good chance that the small format speaker will not be renewed anytime soon.

As Mark Gurman recalls, the reason Apple initially removed the first HomePod from sale was its poor commercial success. A low success which was largely explained by the competition brought by the HomePod mini, offered at 109 euros, against 350 for the second HomePod. There is a good chance that this quality-price ratio will always be to the advantage of the small model compared to the HomePod 2, although the new version now offers more functions similar to those of the HomePod mini. These include the temperature sensor, stereo audio and Dolby Atmos or the recognition of certain sounds.

If Apple intends to extend the life of its HomePod mini, this should therefore essentially go through software updates, such as the activation of the temperature sensor which should be deployed in the coming months.

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