Are special motorhome tires mandatory: our answer

Did you know ? There are CP tires, specially identified for motorhomes. They are particularly suitable for the heavy weight of our motorhomes. Michel, camper van owner, would like to know if our leisure vehicles must imperatively be equipped with it.

Here is the question Michel asked us “ Are special motorhome tires compulsory? What are their characteristics ? And why should our motorhomes have different tires than the original Fiat Ducato or Citroën Jumper? »

Our answer

CP tires are not compulsory and if they are present on all new motorhomes, it is for a simple reason. Motorhomes, unlike utility vehicles, do not drive permanently and, when they are stationary, the tires will support the permanent weight of the vehicle. The reinforced sidewalls of a CP tire prevent the formation of flat spots on the tread of the tyre, thus preserving the dynamic qualities of the tyre. They are therefore recommended, but not mandatory.

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