Arlo Parks announces his second album with the sublime “Weightless”

The young British singer with the voice of an angel has just announced the release of her second album “My Soft Machine” for May 26, 2023. She reveals a delicious preview entitled “Weightless”.

She is only 22 years old and she is already revolutionizing the world of music. British singer Arlo Parksfor whom neo-soul is innate, shares Weightless, his new single even more beautiful than the previous ones. After getting into music at the age of 18, the young singer with the golden voice released, in 2021, a sublime first album, Collapsed in Sunbeams.

Between soul, pop and R’n’B, the author, composer and performer has imposed her voice, which provides instant shivers, in this vast and sometimes impressive environment that is music. Arlo Parks has never been shy, and she proves it once again with Weightless. An intimate, sensual and sparkling music video featuring a broken couple and a nervous dark horse accompanies the artist’s new single. The opportunity for Arlo Parks to announce the release of his second album, My Soft Machinescheduled for May 26, 2023.

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