Arrival PMU Pick5 Prix du Mont-Saint-Michel, Saturday in Vincennes. GALBA RINGEAT, in an armchair

Number finish: 5 – 11 – 3 – 6 – 1

This Price of Mont-Saint-MichelPick5 support, saw victory, end to end, from GALBA RINGEAT (Photo). Got rid of FAITHFUL ROYAL at fault and disqualified at the start, the resident of Romain Derieux controlled the race as he pleased, imposing himself with authority. Second place was taken by DJEMBE OF ORGERES, who came to the fore at the top of the climb and made a good final effort. Waiting in the second half of the peloton, FUNKY D’ALB finished strong all out and took a nice third place. STAR OF QUESNYsprinted well along the rope, finishing fourth in front of DELTA-EXPERT who relaxed well until the end after having trotted to the rope in the leading group. After investigation, FUNKY D’ALB was disqualified. Thereby STAR OF QUESNY gains a rank and passes third. DELTA-EXPERT inherits fourth place and ESPERANZO of the fifth.

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