Artificial intelligence can ‘see’ human bodies through walls

Scientists have discovered how to identify people in a building using artificial intelligence by analyzing Wifi signals.

“This technology can be scaled up to monitor the well-being of older adults or simply identify suspicious behavior at home,” say the scientists.

A team from Carnegie Mellon University has developed a deep neural network to digitally map human bodies in the presence of WiFi signals.

The researchers said they developed the technology in an effort to address the limitations of current 2D and 3D computer vision tools such as cameras, lidar and radar.

“The results of the study reveal that our model can estimate the pose of multiple subjects, with comparable performance to image-based means, using WiFi signals as the only input,” the researchers wrote in the study.

“This paves the way for low-cost, widely accessible, and privacy-preserving algorithms for human detection.”

– According to information from The Independent

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