Aster: A foray into astronomy over time

The scientific interpretation organization located in Saint-Louis-du-Ha!Ha! offers a series of workshops, activities, in addition to eight conferences aimed at a family clientele of all ages, addressing themes on the possible ends of the world, various historical themes of aeronautics, up to the future space station that will eventually orbit the moon. Without forgetting a subject that raises several questions, that of colonization on Mars.

“We have rocks and minerals, it does not only fascinate children. There are some who take their rocks to identify them, that’s a happening, it works very well when we touch on several subjects like that like Mars, the colonization of Mars, is it possible and up to where that cannot be”, explains Marc-André Paradis, Astronomer at Aster.

In the museum, there is a place that is particularly popular with young people. That of a futuristic spaceship which was fitted out ten years ago for the learning and discovery of astronomy. It is therefore possible to simulate a flight in the cockpit of the rocket having been built from an image provided by NASA. In addition, people can conquer events from the past through the planetarium experience, but also through the simulation of a boat like the ancient navigators who oriented themselves from the stars. For a visit, it is possible to book at the Aster museum or on their website.

“Everyone who has a little bit of that curiosity, we know that there are some things in life that people want, they want to be a policeman, they want to be an independent firefighter, when you’re smaller, those who want being an astronaut is gone when they arrive here they go to the station, they have fun, they have fun with it”, concludes Stéphane Madore, general manager at Aster BSL.

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