Avatar 2: this crazy sequence that was abandoned

Already ultra-spectacular, James Cameron’s film “Avatar: The Way of the Water” could have been even more so! Indeed, a sequence written by the filmmaker – and ultimately not selected – promised a completely new confrontation, and in very specific conditions…

Avatar 2to push the limits

13 years after the phenomenon Avatar, james cameron offers him a suite with Avatar: The Waterway. The recipe remains the same but the filmmaker realizes it with more means, an even greater ambition, for in the end a new cinematic phenomenon of which he alone has the secret. With an audience score on Rotten Tomatoes at 92% and an overall box office poised to pass $2 billion in revenue just one month after its global release, this Avatar 2 is indeed a real tidal wave.

Avatar: The Waterway
Avatar: The Waterway ©20th Century Studios

The story of Jake and Neytiri, forced into exile with their children to the Metkayina clan, the Na’vi who live on the shores of the east coast of Pandora. There, they will adapt to the marine universe of Pandora, and face the Return of Quaritch, whose personality and memories were transferred into a “recombined” Na’vi avatar. The plot of this Avatar 2 is an adventure whose adventures offer a visually dizzying spectacle, with breathtaking underwater dives and naval battle. And the movie could have been still more spectacular !

Rick Jaffa: “That script was brilliant”

The scripts of the different films Avatar were written by James Cameron with the collaboration of several screenwriters, including Rick Jaffa. This one, who notably worked on the saga The Planet of the Apesrecently expressed at the microphone of EW on that ofAvatar: The Waterwayand explained that in its early versions, a pretty crazy idea had been explored.

There was this idea of ​​a space battle with the Na’vi. This idea was very seriously considered, we talked a lot about it. But it was complicated. How to include it in the story we were telling? Jim then said, “Well, give me a few weeks.” He isolated himself and wrote the entire script for the sequence. And that script was brilliant.

But ultimately, we left it out, because it just didn’t work with the story.

Any idea for one of the sequels?

The idea is indeed grandiose, and we imagine that his show would have been incredible. In the saga Avatar, the Na’vi are in conflict with the humans who want to take power over Pandora and exploit it as they see fit. To this end, large spaceships orbit Pandora, from where the human characters come and go. It is therefore perfectly possible that in the long term, the Na’vi come to humans rather than the opposite, and therefore leave face them in space. If she’s not in Avatar: The Waterwaythis idea was nevertheless exploited in a comic book: Avatar: The High Ground.

We already know that there will be in the next installment, scheduled for December 24, the introduction of the “People of Ashes”and that therefore to the water ofAvatar 2 should succeed fire. This new sequel will thus explore a new region of Pandora, before the Na’vi go elsewhere. Indeed, James Cameron said that his characters could well go for a walk on Earth in Avatar 5. Perhaps the occasion for a eventful space travel

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