Aveyron: the Printemps de Bourges is also preparing at the Club de Rodez

The “Inouïs” of the festival are looking for the rare pearl during evenings like the one organized this Friday at the Club.

Will one of the four groups present on the Club stage this Friday evening be on the bill for the next Printemps de Bourges, scheduled for April? In any case, it is with this ambition that they will play. Like a multitude of other groups who will play in one of the twenty-nine branches of the territory on which the festival relies to unearth the future great talents of the French music scene.

Groups like Christine and the Queens, Ben Mazué, Eddy de Pretto, Feu Chatterton and many others took advantage of the springboard offered by the “Inouïs” to launch their careers. With the success that we know.

And this year, the director of the Club, Fred Joao was selected to be part of the final jury which will select the thirty groups which will be invited to perform.

In 2021, the Ruthenian rapper Lombre had approached the big stage closely, failing in the regional selections following those organized at the Club.

This Friday evening, four groups will each have thirty minutes to convince the jury in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Phénakis (song), Mafalda High (rock), Deen CK (hip-hop) and Madam (rock) are the four groups that will perform on Friday.

Phénakis is a French Pop group formed in October 2021 and having released a first EP in September 2022 entitled “les tides”; Mafalda High is a video game character who is fearless, but completely high. Who plays the Harp and moves like a rapper. Impacted by the bass and the freedom to sing her differences loud and clear, Mafalda High cultivates all these paradoxes in a magma of pop, techno and hip-hop; Madam, when he introduces himself says this: “We like the fact that people come to see a band they’ve never heard of, and leave telling us that they didn’t expect to take so much energy in the face. We love what we do, and we do it with our fucking guts. What we want is for people to feel that, and to see the pleasure we have in going on stage, coming out sweaty, with a pasty mouth, with only one desire: to start again…” ; Denn CK is three brothers, Shamsdeen, Eisdeen and Tajudeen. Accomplices from an early age, they develop an extravagance of their own. Their music refers to a form of bestiality where everyone embodies a different but complementary personality.

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