Aziz El Badaoui between a rock and a hard place

No one can deny what Aziz El Badaoui has done since he became president of Raja Casablanca, a legendary club adored by millions of fans both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Mustapha Abou Ibadallah, Journalist columnist

The boss of Ozone has put his hand in his pocket to settle many disputes left by his predecessors. The latest is that of the player Seifedine Alami which amounts to almost half a billion centimes. Without him, Raja would have been deprived of recruitment and certainly prevented from taking part in the Champions League. But, alas, if Aziz Badraoui is a past master in financial management, it is certain that he made a big mistake in the technical register. The man, carried away by his overflowing enthusiasm, made big blunders. First by cutting the umbilical cord with the elders of Raja who are aware of the unorthodox practices of our football environment. Indeed, it is unacceptable to separate from a man like Mustapha Dahnane to cite just one example.
The latter would certainly have advised him not to hire a suspended trainer whose disputes with the FRMF and his declarations in Tunisia after his suspension in Morocco will cause Raja enormous hassle. Then people well aware of the DNA of the Greens would have advised him not to break up a team completely by dismissing its pillars like Mouhcine Metouali, Omar El Arjoune, Hamid Ahaddad or Zakaria El Wardi. The fact of having refused the return of Mahmoud Benhalib following the wishes of the street is also a blunder. ousting Aziz El Amri is also a big mistake.
The result is there. Implacable and does not bode well. The wonderful public that supports Badraoui will certainly get tired if the results are slow in coming. Certainly there is not yet fire in the house but Badraoui is called to put a mute on his innumerable declarations and to act as quickly as possible so that Raja becomes again, as he said himself.

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