Babylon: Brad Pitt says he is very close to his character

Would Brad Pitt be tired? The actor and superstar said in an interview that he feels close to his character Jack Conrad, star on the decline in Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon”.

Brad Pitt, melancholic period

After Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, brad pitt is illustrated in a new melancholy fresco on the history of Hollywood. This time, it is under the direction of Damien Chazelle and accompanied by the star Margot Robbie and the newbie Diego Calva that the actor is illustrated in babylona new feature film from the director of La La Land. In this very large piece of cinema, Brad Pitt embodies Jack Conrad, silent film male icon. A Hollywood figure who will have a hard time going through the transition to walkie-talkies. Talking cinema will indeed disrupt the hollywood industry starting in the late 1920s, erecting new stars and cheating others in the blink of an eye.

Babylon ©Paramount Pictures

There is an important “meta” dimension in Damien Chazelle’s films, and probably more than ever in babylon. And it is not Brad Pitt who will say the opposite. Indeed, he said in an interview with W Magazine to feel close to the “weariness” of his character, even evoking a “disenchantment“.

“Sadly no doubt, this melancholy is perhaps my natural state”

In babylon, Jack Conrad has lived it all, known it all, experienced it all. But his talent and his sympathy are not enough to resist the passage of time, and his replacement is inevitable. So a deep weariness sets in for his character, a weariness that resonates with Brad Pitt.

Sadly no doubt, this melancholy is perhaps my natural state. A congenital melancholy. But for my character, I think it’s more a weariness that takes over as he evolves. It’s a disenchantment that speaks to me, in part. Right now, most of us are tearing each other apart rather than showing solidarity. I’m a little tired of it.

Are these comments made with a view to promoting Damien Chazelle’s film, or do they reflect a sincere feeling on the part of the actor? It is certain that with a credited acting career having started in 1988 in the film The Dark Side of the Sunand an uninterrupted presence on the screens since, Brad Pitt has, like his character Jack Conrad, all lived and all known in Hollywood

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