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Conference Tuesday, January 31, 2023: Back to the Moon! What the lunar space environment can teach us

  • The revival of the Moon as a major goal of NASA’s human program has brought to light questions that the Apollo program failed to answer.
  • For this presentation, we will address some of these issues that our group is actively working on.
  • The origin and location of water on the Moon is thus an interesting problem from a scientific point of view as well as a practical one for future explorers. Surprisingly, it is important to observe water molecules at the height of satellites orbiting the moon to answer this question.
  • The radiative environment also poses a problem: missions extending over a longer period entail more risks for the astronauts. But fortunately, the Orion capsule has been tested with many sensors, which allow us to refine our models.


by Dr. Guillaume Gronoff, SSAI/NASA Langley Research Center.

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Important: This conference will take place remotely.
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