Backfirewall_: A Puzzle Game That Hates Updates

Revealed at the Future Games Show last summerand initially planned for 2022, the smartphone puzzle game Backfirewall_ was finally released today on Steam. If you dread every Android / IOS update, this game may be for you since it consists of teaming up with the outdated version of your smartphone’s OS that does not want to end up in the trash. This results in a puzzle game that breaks the fourth wall, obviously reminiscent Portalbut also There is no game Where Stanley Parable.

The demo available for free on Steam is a bit thin – folded in just 30 minutes, but it allows you to discover a game that looks nice even if marred by some ergonomic concerns. Indeed, if the puzzles of Backfirewall_ work rather well, the keys to manage your skills (for example, deletion or duplication of certain objects) are badly done. Nothing that can’t be improved with… an update. Roh la la, what are we kidding on NoFrag!

Against fifteen euros, Backfirewall_ could then delight puzzle aficionados. The undecided will wait for a possible test on NoFrag.

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