Balthazar: here’s why Tomer Silsey decided to stop the series!

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For our colleagues from Allociné, Tomer Sisley explained why he had decided to end his role in Balthazar.

This Thursday, January 19, TF1 broadcast the new season of Balthazar. A fifth season, of six episodes, which will mark the end of the series. In effect, Tomer Sisley decided to stop participating. And since he plays the main role, it would be difficult to continue without him. In a recent interview for our colleagues from Allociné, the actor explains the reasons for the end of the series. And there are several. Explanations.

Tomer Sisley evokes the end of Balthazar

Last year, Balthazar, led by Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé left us in unbearable suspense. Indeed, the hero of the series trapped and accused of murder, had no choice but to flee to prove his innocence. Above all, he had to try to put an end to the actions of his psychopathic brother, Alexandre. For this new season, viewers will have all the answers to their questions. Indeed, the six episodes will mark the final end of the story. It must be said that the main actor has decided to stop his collaboration after five seasons.

Tomer Sisley

On the occasion of the return of the series on TF1, Thomas Sisley discussed his decision. And for him, there are several reasons for this choice: “The first is that for me each story has its length. So I didn’t want to do the season too much. I prefer to “frustrate” people a little rather than bore them”. The second reason is above all a question of timetable. Indeed, in Balthazar, he was not just an actor. He was also involved in the writing and in post-production:There are other things I want to do in my career behind. All that wouldn’t have been possible by continuing to shoot Balthazar, which took me at least six months a year.“. That is what is said.

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