Barring any incident, he should finish first or second!

Carine de Soete (photo) will have several starters on Tuesday at Mons (R-5). She confided in the microphone of our journalist Stéphane Davy. Selected pieces.

PRESTO D’AN (202) just joined our training. He’s a good horse. At the end of last year, at 3-years-old, he faced the best Belgian trotters. He is fun at work. He knows how to go ahead like waiting. He has speed and staying power. Barring any incident, he should finish first or second. It should be noted that he will be lightened in his shoeing because we plan to present him then at Vincennes, on the 30th. With his gaits, the Large Track will not disturb him. In addition, he rushes both from a flying start and a volley.

The 7-year-old MONEYMAN VRIJTHOUT (304) is in good shape but, with his winnings, it is not easy to find races for him. The distance will not be a concern for him. If he provides his value, he has his place among the top three, four.

ONE OF MY HERO (502) is not easy. The mare is afraid of everything. She is very young in her mind. It should be run regularly, every fortnight, so that it gains confidence in running. Still, it has quality. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to impose itself; In my opinion, she will be first or disqualified.

GONE OF SOFIA (708) used to run in Mons. You know him. He’s a good horse. He proved that he was to be reckoned with at this level. His main concern remains the start, even if the autostart helps him a little. In my opinion, if he starts on the right leg, he has the means to make everyone agree. This n°8 is not a disadvantage for him. On the contrary. Then, in the spring, he will be able to come and run in France, because he goes both left and right.

She adds : “GERONIMO DE NEUVY is currently at rest. same for me GATSBY EFFEL because he has no races on his schedule. JADE OF THE LODGER should race next week in Mons. Last month, at Vincennes, according to her driver, she made a mistake in the first corner because she got scared in contact with the other horses. It will be to follow in the provinces. We regularly travel to Wolvega. It represents 400 kilometers for us but the allowances are nice to take and a mare like FARMONY OF JUPILLE please.”

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