Benin: preview of “the Woman King” in Cotonou

Overlooking Cotonou from a height of 30 meters, this bronze statue of an amazon from Dahomey was inaugurated a few weeks ago. It was in the economic capital of Benin that the premiere of the film “The Woman King” took place on Saturday, a Hollywood vision of these Amazons who fought against French colonial troops more than a year ago. century.

“It is a source of pride for all Beninese to have a film that was shot especially with the effigy of the Amazons. And not just any film, it’s a Hollywood film and it’s a film that comes from largest country of film production, I named the United States. Frankly, it is a great pride for me and it is really a pride to see it before the majority of Beninese. Frankly, I am very excited, I’m bubbling.”, explains Aureliot Lainé, who lives in Cotonou.

The American blockbuster, released in the United States a few days ago, has already won unanimous acclaim among critics. Some Beninese, on discovering the first images of the film, hope that their country will in turn be able, one day, to tell these local stories.

“To see and hear the danhomey, to see a little how it brings us back to our roots, to our history. With the statue of the Amazon, with Bio Guéra at the airport (a great warrior who fought against the French settlers), everything brings us back to our roots. From now on, it should lead us to produce something like this ourselves. We saw it last time with a film purely shot in Benin, maybe that ‘we will dream that we have an Amazon film that comes out of our industry and there, it will be the victory of cultural identity, “explains journalist Finafa Gandonou.

The film depicts the real life of female warriors from the kingdom of Dahomey in the 19th century. American actress Viola Davis plays Nanisca, a seasoned warrior who trains the next generation of recruits tasked with fighting against a larger rival kingdom and European slave traders.

The female army of the kingdom of Dahomey also inspired the fighters of “Black Panther”, a film that generated $1.3 billion in revenue worldwide.

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