Benzerti dismissed and replaced by his compatriot Moundir Lekbeir!

It was predictable despite the president’s rejection

Someone had to pay for the chaotic start of the Raja. The stone fell on Benzerti. He was found guilty and offered to vindictiveness.

However, a few days ago, the ubiquitous president on social networks, Mr.Aziz Badraoui, had described the information as misleading and destabilizing the efforts made by the Tunisian.

The media machine has started

Since then, there has been the meeting after ”RCA-MAT” between the president and the club’s coach without an official statement as to its outcome.

On Tuesday, the media machine took the lead. Several sources then announced the possible dismissal of Benzerti and his replacement by his compatriot Moundir Lekbeir. Late in the evening from Tuesday to this Wednesday. We no longer spoke of “possible” but of a fact.

Benzerti is presented as effectively dismissed. Moundir will be the next boss of the Rajaoui bench. Some sources went so far as to determine the value of the sum that would be received by Benzerti as severance pay.

A Tunisian newspaper even suggests that Benzerti has already reached an agreement with the African Club of Tunis.

Silence of the parties concerned

Pending the formalization of the information, the two parties concerned have not yet made any media release. Even the omnipresent president didn’t post anything on his twitter account. The official page of Raja, however very reactive, is silent. Only the media take hold of the information and present it as a real and already recorded fact.

Benzerti, not solely responsible

However, blaming Benzerti alone for the current situation seems a bit exaggerated. Benzerti is only the tree that hides the forest. Other factors are behind the failed departure of Raja.

The possible arrival of Moundir Lekbeir, former coach of the Tunisian national team, will have a psychological effect more than a technical one. Good for Raja.


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