BFMTV’s anticipation program on global warming


BFMTV innovates this Monday, November 14, 2022 with the broadcast of an exceptional anticipation program “2050: open your eyes!”, presented by Bruce Toussaint. Based on the expertise of a college of experts, this original concept will offer viewers two scenarios of the effects of the climate crisis, to consider our future in 2050. Élisabeth Borne will be the channel’s special guest at the end of the show to react, answer questions about the government’s actions and come back to the 22 projects unveiled for the implementation of ecological planning. The BFMTV teams will take viewers into the future with an exceptional live broadcast from 2050 presented by specially aged Bruce Toussaint, who will successively embody the two scenarios: • How we managed to achieve carbon neutrality and limit global warming to 1, 7°C? What efforts were needed? • Why did the worst case scenario occur with a warming of more than 2.4°C? What are the consequences of climate inaction? Viewers will discover a series of subjects, duplexes and anticipatory reports embodied by the channel’s personalities to project themselves into 2050: Aurélie Casse, Marc Hay, Ashley Chevalier, Roselyne Dubois, Agathe Lambret and Benjamin Duhamel. A program placed under the sign of pedagogy to understand the issues and the concrete consequences of the two scenarios through testimonies, political measures put in place, geopolitical upheavals generated, changes in consumption patterns, evolution of consciousness and situation of biodiversity. ..

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