Big drama! Georgina’s sister makes the Ronaldo family tremble!

Cristiano Ronaldo would also have problems in his home because of his sister-in-law

Problems on the pitch and at home No, Cristiano Ronaldo is not having the best time of his life. The fault of the sister of his partner Georgina Rodriguez Patricia.

Thus, after his explosive interview delivered on English television during which the fivefold Ballon d’Or violently attacked Manchester United, Cr7 found water in the gas in his home, with accusations by the media interposed.

Patricia Rodriguez thus unpacked everything on the set of the Telecinco channel’s “Socialité” program. Knowing pecuniary worries, the sister of Georgina Rodriguez affirms that the latter does not help her at all.

“I’m broke and my sister doesn’t help me. What hurts me the most is my children, not me. After all, with a piece of bread, I can eat hard, but my children, who are his nephews and nieces… Sometimes I have enough to eat, sometimes not. Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, sometimes not. “, she launched in remarks broadcast by Marca.

Aged 33, Patricia Rodriguez did not hesitate to call for help for her sister. “Georgina, I need help, you are my sister. I know she has no obligation and responsibility, but since she is supportive and so good with others, at least she is with her nephews and nieces. If you don’t want to be good to me, be good to your nephews, ”she said.



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