Blocking third-party apps: Twitter gives a minimalist sign of life

Incredible but true, Twitter has finally come to life in the third-party customer cagade. Since the end of last week, the most important Twitter applications using the social network’s API no longer work. Finally, it is still possible to open them but you can no longer connect to them, consult tweets, etc.

Twitter: third-party clients in the process of

Twitter: third-party clients on the verge of extinction

Throughout this story, neither Twitter nor Elon Musk (usually so verbose on a whole host of subjects) communicated with the developers or with the users of their apps. Until tonight, since the official @Twitter Dev account (aka the Twitter developer team) finally posted this terse message:

Twitter recognizes malfunctions in its API with “ some apps “following the strengthening of” long period rules “. And that’s all. There is no further explanation of the social network’s recent changes for third-party customers. Deal with that!

This confirms in any case that there is light in the office of the developers of Twitter and that the cut was therefore not accidental. For the rest, we will have to take our troubles patiently while waiting for Twitter to deign to respect users and devs… or turn elsewhere.


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