Blow: Mariah Carey is not “the queen of Christmas” and it is the American justice that says it

The singer who surfs each year on her flagship title “All I want for christmas is you” has been denied her official request to become “the queen of Christmas”. She will have to give up on this title and the dollars that go with it.

She wanted to appropriate the most popular holiday in the world by becoming “The Queen of Christmas”, but the diva obtained in exchange.

Mariah Carey had attempted to register this nickname as an official trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. She, who comes back in force every year for the holidays, is surfing on the success of her 1994 title “All i want for Christmass is you”. Queen of Christmas” and get a nice bonus for the exploitation of this “brand”.

Application rejected

But it was without counting on the artist Elizabeth Chan who strongly opposed the approach of Mariah Carey. The American singer who only produces music related to Christmas judged that the pop star could not claim such a nickname, in the same way as “Queen of Christmas”, “Princess of Christmas” and “QOC”.

Elizabeth Chan said it was “not very moral” to try to “own Christmas”. The US federal courts have thus been of the same opinion, reports the music site Billboard. If his request had been accepted, the star could have sued “anyone who would have used these titles”, indicates BFMTV but also any media which would have used the title “Queen of Christmas” to mention a person other than her.

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