Bordeaux: Beachcomber Resorts And Hotels Prize, the pass of 12 for Galet Sted

Quinté – Bordeaux: We stop more Galet Sted who brings to 12 the mark of his impressive series of victories in progress, winner of the quinté of the day this Monday at the Bouscat racecourse, the Beachcombers Resorts And Hotels prize, of which he was the very big favourite.

Quinté – Bordeaux: After a 1st Group 3, 1st Quinté for Galet Sted

A reduced peloton of 13 starters for this fifth of the day and a small attraction at its start with GALET STED (photo Scoopdyga) who has been reaping victories since being presented barefoot and having just won his group 3 in a brilliant way on the Chatelaillon racecourse. The resident of Charles-Antoine Mary who ensured his departure and led the wagon of the second thickness back until he was covered by a DROP DES DURIEZ who had returned from 25 meters to cover him, not without in passing complicating the task a little with a short time of gallop during its effort in thickness. A back that GALET STED did not keep for long, going on the offensive and quickly managing to cover the great host GAZ D’OCCAGNES. After stalling at the start of the straight to keep the latter warm as long as possible, GALET STED accelerated and surely made the difference to win his first straight here, he who will remain as one of the trotting revelations of this year 2022 and could be the record holder for victories.

Quinté – Bordeaux: Gaz d’Occagnes and Fakir Mérite complete the Tiercé

After being able to find the day GAZ D’OCCAGNES took a little time to move up a gear but it still had time to come and seek second place in this Girondin quinté. Author of a beautiful straight line in the middle of the track FAKIR MERITE seizes third place on the podium ahead of INGO who had started his effort in third thickness on the last passage opposite. The very fit GABRIELLA DUEM confirms her good condition at the moment by taking fifth place in this Beachcomber Resorts And Hotels award, showing small reports with her main favorites having all answered present. This Tuesday the reports should be much more speculative with the 3 years expected on the fiber sand track of Chantilly on the 1800 meters of the price of the Room of Monsieur the Prince.

Quinté – Bordeaux: Arrival of the Beachcomber Resorts And Hotels award

1: 7. Galet Sted – A. Barrier

2: 2. Gaz d’Occagnes – G. Gelormini

3: 13. Fakir Deserved – F. Marty

4: 10. Ingo – A. Abrivard

5: 3. Gabriella Duem – J. Chavatte

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