BOTIM video calls to download

BOTIM video calls is a cross-platform messaging app to keep in touch with friends around the world. It’s a kind of social network that works the same way as WhatsApp Where Viber. It offers the ability to make completely free voice and video calls over 3G and 4G mobile data networks, as well as connecting to a wifi network. All chats and calls are encrypted for added security. In parallel, a chat-type discussion module (instant messaging) is available to discuss in writing in pairs or in groups.

BOTIM video calls offers many features. The user has the possibility to share photos, videos, files, voice messages and much more, in complete safety. The application also allows you to share geolocation data to report your location to a friend or indicate a meeting place. It also offers the possibility of exchanging knowledge by sending contact sheets. BOTIM makes it possible to create discussion groups that can accommodate up to 500 people. Families or colleagues can thus meet in the same chat group.

With a clear and fluid interface, this application contains fully customizable discussion threads. User can set wallpapers and notification sounds for each contact. A function of instantaneous sending of the same message to several contacts at the same time, in different discussion threads is proposed. With BOTIM, the user never misses a message, even offline, the application saves recent messages until the next use.

BOTIM is available in French, free of charge (in-app purchases), on mobile smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad), as well as on computers under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. A “web” version is also available on an internet browser , the user can scan a QR code to access their online dashboard. Charges for mobile data consumption may be charged by telephone operators.

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