Brandon Graham: We can’t put the game in the refs’ hands

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles looked set to get the ball back with over 90 seconds left to play on Monday night when Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke gave himself up for a sack, but Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham was flagged for hitting Heinicke late.

The penalty allowed the Commanders to drain all but five seconds off the clock before the Eagles’ final, ill-fated play and Washington wound up with a 32-21 win after Casey Toohill recovered a fumble for a touchdown. After the game, referee Alex Kemp said in a pool report that Heinicke had clearly given himself up and Graham’s hit “was not only late but also to the head and neck area.”

Graham said “it just looked like he was going to get up” when discussing the play after the game and that it is on him to get it right.

“We can’t put the game in the refs’ hands,” Graham said, via a transcript from the team. “In that position, I just have to know if he goes down, it’s okay. For me, I was just hustling to the play trying to make sure he was down and just trying to get off the field.”

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said he did not have a chance to talk with officials about the call, but that it was “not what lost us the football game.” On a night when the offense had three turnovers and the defense allowed 152 rushing yards, it would be hard to argue that the penalty, painful as it way, was a leading reason for the Eagles’ loss.

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