Brazil: the ”Little Prince” embodied by a young Afro actor

To embody the ”Little Prince”, a character from the work published by Frenchman Antoine de Saint – Exupéry in 1943, a Brazilian musical in Sao Paulo, in the northeast of the country, set its sights on Levi Asaf .

This nine-year-old child, originally from the state of Bahia, has a rather exuberant Afro cut. A first in the country.

“I think it’s really cool [d’être un acteur noir qui joue le petit prince] because I represent black people. I heard the sad story of black people being enslaved, and it made me sad. But now people have to respect my crown!” Levi Asafa young Brazilian actor.

Asaf sings, dances and leaps throughout the production. The budding actor has been on stage for 4 years now. The experience of the Little Black Prince seems to have marked the spirits.

“If you watch the old movies, or even the newer ones, you’ll see there aren’t many black people, maybe just one or two. Now for a nine-year-old boy to play the lead role of ‘ such a classic tale… It’s very important, you know? “, rejoices Alex Imoto Mendes, student.

A rewarding role therefore for a child actor who has already been the victim of racism at a young age in a country where the phenomenon is very rooted when half of its 215 million inhabitants are black. But Levi Asaf was able to find enough strength to chart his course

“[A propos d’avoir fait l’expérience du racisme] At my school, they said my hair was messy, steel wool, but I didn’t care. Now look where I am with this messy hair.”, says the actor.

Modeling, commercials and a Netflix movie are the worlds her messy hair has already allowed her to explore. While at nine years old, the actor has not finished tracing his path.

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