Buzz and Woody explore the world of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

As soon as it is available in early access on the Game Pass, as soon as additional content is announced! Disney Dreamlight Valley reveals during the short and succinct Disney & Marvel Showcase the arrival of Toy Story this fall in the free-to-play freshly landed on our consoles. The title, produced in collaboration between Gameloft and Disney, allows us to discover and discuss with the characters of the sprawling Disney and Pixar universe, to beautify our home, and to take care of our fellow creatures by concocting delicious meals for them. In short, Animal Crossing at Walt Disney.

buzz and woody will therefore join Belle, Wall-E or Stitch and set off to explore the magical valley proposed by Disney, while crossing the paths of Ursula or Scar. Our avatar will be able to evolve in a child’s room well supplied with toys that our little blondes will be eager to return to!

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