CAF has made its choice, according to Jeune Afrique

According to the pan-African media Jeune Afrique, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) would have chosen where the 2025 edition of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) will take place.

Five countries have applied to host the 2025 African Cup of Nations, withdrawn from Guinea which was “not ready”. The four files, including one common, are those of Morocco, Algeria, Zambia and the Nigeria-Benin duo.

But the pan-African media Young Africa believes it knows where the 2025 edition of the queen competition of CAF will be held: “According to our information, CAN 2025 will take place in North Africa and therefore, in Morocco or Algeria”, reveals the magazine in a article published on its website, this Wednesday, January 18.

Citing sources within the governing body of continental football, the weekly explains that “CAN 2022 took place in Cameroon and the 2024 edition will take place in Côte d’Ivoire. CAF therefore wishes to play the alternation by organizing the next competition in North Africa, even if it means choosing a sub-Saharan country for 2027”.

Young Africa adds that “CAF also favors the North African option because Algeria and Morocco have all the necessary infrastructure to host a final phase with 24 teams, and it does not wish to commit within two years of the CAN 2025 with a country that does not meet the requirements of the specifications”.

Another argument put forward by the pan-African media: the climatic conditions in certain countries of sub-Saharan Africa during the months of June and July. “CAN 2025 could be played on the scheduled dates, which would make it possible to respect the initial calendar, while choosing a country in sub-Saharan Africa would force CAF to postpone it to January and February 2026”, explains this source. Young Africa.

By granting the organization of CAN 2025 to a North African country, CAF is also seeking to avoid conflicts with European clubs which “take a dim view of the absence of their international players for several weeks in the middle of the season”. .

The race to organize the 2025 edition of the African high mass should therefore be disputed between the two neighbors, Morocco and Algeria.

The verdict must, unless changed at the last minute, fall on February 10 next on the sidelines of the Morocco 2022 Club World Cup (February 1 to 11).


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