CALMandrin, an anti-inflammatory from Mibelle Biochemistry

The scientific literature shows that certain components present on citrus fruits can have an anti-inflammatory effect.
CALMandrin is obtained sustainably by upcycling organic mandarin peel pulp from the Greek island of Chios, a “waste” from the perfume distillery.
“For such interesting raw materials, we carry out so-called screenings, where we test different applications. Organic Mandarin from Chios, with its high content of flavonoids and antioxidants, fortunately showed positive results in different screenings, including anti-inflammatory,” we explain on the side of the development of Mibelle Biochemistry.
The challenge during the development was the preparation of the viscous paste in order to be able to produce a clear, beautiful and stable extract, a challenge overcome thanks to refined filtration technologies.


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