candid confidences on the “void” that she had to fill

Chimene Badi former addict

Chimène Badi, a former “sugar and fat” addict: candid secrets about the “void” she had to fill – BestImage, Tiziano Da Silva-Cyril Moreau

At the microphone of Philippe Vandel for the program “Culture Médias” on Europe 1, Chimène Badi returned to her fight against her addictions “to sugar and fat” which have long had consequences on her physique. Addictions linked to deep problems.

For a while now, Chimène Badi has gotten into the habit of hitting the mark in each of her appearances. The 40-year-old singer indeed always reveals a slimmer silhouette and a wasp waist. She allows herself to draw seductive looks that suit her perfectly.

A real transformation for the former luscious artist who has lost up to 35 kilos since her participation in pop stars in 2002. At the time, Chimène Badi had an unbalanced diet. “I was addicted to sugar and fat“, she admitted on the show Culture Media on Europe 1 Monday January 23. And it got worse for her when she discovered success and all its perks. “It’s also because there was a void to fillshe analyzes today. Yes, it worked, but there were plenty of other things besides that were very difficult to live with“.

I am not a woman who lets herself down

Chimène Badi thus refers to the hurtful criticism she faced at the start of her career. “You know, when you arrive, it blows up and you’re everywhere, well we love you, but we hate you too. I won’t teach you“, she said, rejoicing in spite of everything not to have had to do with social networks at that time: “Fortunately, they did not exist. And then afterwards, I have a…

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