Carmaux. “The Double Bass” in all its states on stage Friday

Friday, November 18, at 8:30 p.m., the director Jean-Louis Reynès and the actor Michel Mulot will perform the show “La contrebasse” on the stage of the Pierre-Bérégovoy room.

Directed from Patrick Süskind’s book, this alone on stage (or almost) reveals the hidden side of a music lover. This bipolar misanthrope delivers with emphasis and passion his frustrations, his joys and his hatreds. A humorous monologue that brings smiles, laughs and thoughts. Life, what!

The author of the work, Patrick Süskind, is a German writer and screenwriter. He wrote this theatrical piece with one character, “La Contrebasse”, which will be performed for the first time in Munich in 1981. It will be published in 1984. This piece has been presented regularly since its creation in Germany, but also in France and therefore in Carmaux on November 18.

Prices, 10 and 8 €. For all information, call 05 63 76 24 40 or 06 09 82 90 46;,

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