Carole Delga visiting the Museum of Modern Art

Welcomed by the municipality, the president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, was this Friday, November 11 at the Museum of Modern Art in the presence of several elected officials *. The opportunity to take advantage of the last days of the temporary exhibition “Chagall, Modigliani, Soutine & Cie. The School of Paris (1900 – 1939)”. The visit was led by Peguy Merchez, guide lecturer at the museum.

Carole Delga lingered for a long time in front of the exhibitions and insisted on the symbolism of the contribution of foreign artists to the influence of art in France and in particular in Céret.

* Also present were Robert Garrabé, Vice-President of the Department; Agnès Langevine, vice-president of the Region; Samuel Moli, regional councillor; Christophe Manas, regional adviser; Claude Ferrer, President of the Haut Vallespir Community of Communes.

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