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The new Moroccan series “Casa Street” will be released on the Shahid Original streaming platform. A work produced by the famous Mohamed Ali El Mejboud, who surrounds himself with a renowned cast.

Unpublished. The “Casa Street” series is the first Moroccan work to be broadcast, from January 25, on the Shahid Original streaming platform. A preview revealed by a trailer broadcast by Mohamed Ali El Mejboud, who is the director, on his official Instagram account. “A single event can change your life”. Thus this teaser gives a taste of this work which brings together veteran Moroccan artists and the new scene that this video also reveals.

A renowned and young cast
This series, produced by Perfect Production, sees the participation of renowned artists including Meryem Zaimi, Raouia whose real name is Fatima Herandi, Malik Akhmis and Abdeslam Bouhcini. The director also surrounds himself there with Salma Kamal, Amr Assil, Akram Souhail, Rabii Skalli, Ouidad Elma, Anas Basboussi, Kaoutar Boudarraja, Reda Alaoui, Mourad Hmimmou, Faty Jamali, Nabil Atif, Driss Diouri Ayad and Abdelilah Basboussi. Some of these actors do not fail, in turn, to share the poster of this production furnished with their photos while revealing their feelings in this regard.

What the artists say
Among others, the young actor Akram Souhail, who interprets the character of Badr, indicates on his official Instagram page: “It was a great experience thanks to which I was able to make great friends. Very happy to play this role. For his part, Rabii Skalli specifies playing a character called “Shargho”. For his part, Ouidad Elma writes on his page: “I had fun shooting “Casa Street””. And that’s not all ! She even announces that a premiere is planned in cinemas the same day as the launch on Shahid. Similarly, actor Abdelilah Basbousi says: “Happy to be part of this project!”.

“Casa Street” tells the story of 3 children whom fate has brought together in an incredible adventure, after the accidental discovery of a bag full of money!

Snippets of the plot
“Casa Street” tells the story of 3 children brought together by fate in an incredible adventure, after the accidental discovery of a bag full of money! Pursued by dangerous people, our three heroes will live incredible adventures, between danger, emotion, joy, tears and sadness. Will they show heroism or give in to betrayal? Will they use this money to change their destiny? This work is a story of today, without clichés. A story in which the viewers will have empathy for the characters and in which there are “bad guys” and redemption.

Our three young heroes, Nassim, Badr and Hamza, will face the demons of the city and only their new friendship will help them overcome these new dangers. Nassim is tenderness and sensitivity, but also strength. Nassim is a young girl who decides to run away from home because she is not happy there. She prefers to take refuge in the darkness of the city. Without knowing the dangers. What seems like a bad idea will end up being the start of a new life and the start of our series.
In the street, she will meet Badr and Hamza, her new inseparable adventure companions: two characters full of dreams. Full of lights and shadows. Abandoned and denied by their families, they work under the protection and exploitation of Hamid. The formidable and megalomaniac Hamid. A good look at Shahid.

This is the title of the box

Overview of the filming locations of “Casa street”

The adventure takes place in the streets of Casablanca, revisiting the emblematic places of the megalopolis such as “Place Nevada”. A popular place for skateboarding. What abound in the direction of the intrigue of this series which brings together young people. A place that also adapts to their spirit. Also, the “Lighthouse Al Ank”, located west of the port of Casablanca, is part of the decorations of this work. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and some places of the metropolis. In addition, the “Hotel Excelsior”, built between 1916 and 1918 and the first large hotel establishment to settle outside the medina, serves as a set for this series. A place steeped in history revealed more by this work also shot in the alleys and terraces of the city, but also its contemporary places. All this without forgetting its coastline and its picturesque “mqilates”.

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