“Casa Street”, the first Moroccan Shahid Original series is released on January 25

Directed by Ali El Mejboud, the first Moroccan series “Casa Street” produced for the Shahid Original streaming platform was released this Wednesday, January 25.

Casa Street, a series produced by Perfect Production for the Shahid Original streaming site, is the story of 3 children brought together by fate in an incredible adventure, after the accidental discovery of a bag full of money. Pursued by dangerous people, the three heroes will live incredible adventures, between danger, emotion, joy, tears and sadness.

It is a story of today, without clichés. A story in which the viewers will have empathy for the characters and in which there are ” bad guy » and redemption. The three young heroes, Nassim, Badr and Hamza will be confronted with the demons of the city and only their new friendship will help them overcome these new dangers.

According to the press release sent to Hespress FR, the cast is made up of young talents and revelations, including Salma Kamal, Amr Assil, Akram Souhail, accompanied and supported by the actors, Rabii Skalli, Ouidad Elma, Meryem Zaimi, Anas Basboussi, Kaoutar Boudarraja, Raouia, Reda Alaoui, Mourad Hmimmou, Malik Akhmis, Faty Jamali, Abdeslam Bouhcini, Nabil Atif, Driss Diouri Ayad and Abdelilah Basboussi.

This is an adventure that takes place in the streets of Casablanca. By revisiting the emblematic places of the megalopolis such as “Place Nevada”, “Le Phare Al ANK”, “Hôtel Excelsior”, the alleys and the terraces, but also in the contemporary places of the city without forgetting its littoral and its picturesque “mqilates”, specified the same source.

The broadcast of the series on Shahid Original is thus scheduled for January 25.

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