Caussade. Salon de l’aquarelle: travel diaries to dream and escape

Since Friday and until this evening Sunday, five sketchbook artists have been welcomed to the international watercolor fair in Caussade. This is Claude Allègre: “Watercolor came to me by pure chance. I was captivated by the magic that takes place between water, pigments, and paper. This magic taken since 2008 on paths of varied and pleasant artistic and human discoveries”; Ghislaine Féroux: “I chose the spontaneous and sensitive technique of watercolor to express myself. I then turned to the travel diary which allows me to combine her two passions: painting and travel”; Isabelle Haas: “From the Place du Capitole to the medina of Marrakech, I sketch moments of life in a few precise lines that I enhance with watercolour. The look of a child, the conversation of women or the attitude of a squirrel slip into the pages of my travel diaries”; Sonia Privat: “My two passions, travel and painting, trace the path of my life. Always with this desire to go and see elsewhere, at the sole resonance of the name of a place, at the sole sight of a specific point on a map, thanks to a dream”; Andrée Terlizzi: “I practice the delicate art of watercolor with pleasure, fascinated by the light and the changing beauty of landscapes. I have always drawn, during my travels in particular”.

The demonstrations: Today, Sunday September 18 at 10:30 a.m. with Ekaterina Sava, at 2:30 p.m. with Igor Sava, at 4:30 p.m. with Bernard Neulat.

The courses: Today, Sunday September 18, Maurice-Chevalier room, Corinne Izquierdo: wet on wet, the water cycle, from colored grays to rediscovered whites; La Bénèche country house, Pierre Valaincourt: seascapes and landscapes; at the temple, Didier Georges: putting life into watercolour, characters and scenes of life and playing with high contrasts; at the Récollets, Axelle Ardurat: working with light in a seascape.

Sunday 18 and Monday 19 September, under the marquee, Christine Créhalet: trees, textures in the plant world, water, reflections.

The show continues every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., until Sunday September 25, at the Espace Bonnaïs in Caussade.

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