Celestial Dawn, Apex Legends’ new collectible event will be available from January 24 to February 7

EA’s famous Battle Royal has its first collectible event of the year and it’s called Celestial Dawn. It will be available from January 24 until February 7 on all platforms. The opportunity for players to win some cosmetics to make their hero more beautiful in Apex Legends.

As a reminder, the game is available for free on the store.

More details on this event are available below:

  • Hardcore Royale (Limited Time Mode) – Players will have the opportunity to establish themselves as Legends among Legends by taking part in the limited-time Hardcore Royale mode. With a minimalist HUD, a ring that inflicts maximum damage from the start of the game, non-scalable armor as well as a ban on helmets and armor changes, the fight will be ruthless.
  • Event Objects – Players will be able to show themselves in a new light by unlocking 24 limited-time cosmetic items including Legendary skins for Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, Ash and many other Legends. Additional items can be earned via the event’s reward tracking feature, and players who unlock all 24 limited-time cosmetic items before the event ends will receive “Jadeite Smite”, a new reactive skin for the Peacekeeper.

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