Chaabi LLD unveils its new visual identity

In line with its new strategic trajectory initiated in 2020 with the launch of the “ Impact 2023″, Chaabi LLD, a subsidiary of the BCP group specializing in Long-Term Rental, unveiled its new visual identity on Wednesday, September 21, articulated around a new logo and a new brand signature: “Together for responsible mobility “.

Through this development, the company reaffirms its membership of the BCP group as well as its full sustainable and responsible commitment. The logo thus evolves to adopt the new visual codes of the BCP group. The new signature, for its part, takes up a key element in the Group’s new identity, “Together”, which reflects its commitment to its employees, its customers and all of its stakeholders. It also confirms the resolutely united and sustainable orientation of Chaabi LLD, materialized from 2020 by the launch of the “IMPACT 2023” strategic plan.

“Focused on the three pillars of sustainable development : “People, Planet, Profit”, this roadmap aims, in fact, to consolidate the positioning of Chaabi LLD as a reference player in its sector, not only by its commercial performance, but especially in terms of innovation. and leadership in sustainable mobility and respect for the environment”, assured Mr. Karim MEKKI BERRADA General Manager of Chaabi LLD. And in this area, the initiatives to be credited to the company are numerous:

Ecological offers

CHAABI LLD has made a firm commitment to reducing its CO2 emissions through the development of ecological offers, such as “Green Mobility”, and the encouragement of alternative modes of mobility through the integration of hybrid vehicles. and electric. Other innovative mobility solutions, such as car sharing and car pooling, are also being developed with a few local partners.

A commitment to road safety

Through its “Safety LAB” road risk training and awareness program, Chaabi LLD provides customers and partners with training modules, animation videos and a driving simulator aimed at developing a culture of road safety.

The human element at the heart of concerns

Placing the human element (employees, customers, partners and community) at the heart of its concerns, CHAABI LLD continues to capitalize on its Chaabi Innovative Labs from which the best technologies and solutions adapted to the needs of the various players will emerge.

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Internally, the company is also keen to offer its employees the best possible experience by enabling them to participate actively in their professional and social environment. In this sense, CHAABI LLD has been certified, for the third consecutive year, Best Place To Work in Morocco.

1 vehicle 1 tree

Concerned about the challenges of preserving the planet for future generations, CHAABI LLD aims to leave a positive imprint on its environment by launching the “1 vehicle,

1 tree”. The project aims to plant 9,000 trees, equivalent to the fleet of vehicles managed in partnership with AESVT. An initiative that will be renewed each year.

A powerful mobile application

CHAABI LLD has a high-performance mobile application, “CHAABI DRIVE”, which allows its customers to manage their vehicle fleet in real time and in complete safety (status of contracts, invoices, immobilized vehicles, claims, maintenance, reports …).

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