CHAN 2022 – Burhan Tia (Coach of Sudan): “We are aiming for victory and nothing less”

While his team faces that of Madagascar this Monday evening in a group C reduced to three after Morocco’s package, Burhan Tia does not hide.

In a press conference, the coach of Sudan was clear and aims for victory and nothing else.

“The situation is very clear. We aim for victory and nothing less. The players and the technical staff know what is at stake and we have discussed it as a team.he said at the microphone of Cafonline.

After the defeat against Ghana (3-1), Sudan identified their mistakes and corrected them. The Nile Crocodiles will not repeat the same mistakes tonight.

“We expect a lot from the team, and they know it. Madagascar have very good players who have good qualities, but we are just as good and we just have to focus on the game and avoid making mistakes.”warned Burhan Tia.

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