ChatCGT, conversational AI with Marxist sauce

ChatCGT, the conversational AI that Friedrich Hayek would hate.

ChatCGT, the conversational AI that Friedrich Hayek would hate.

It’s a conversational AI like any other, except that it spouts Marxist rhetoric and invites you to strike every two sentences. In the wake of ChatGPT, an Internet user had fun creating ChatCGT, a deliberately β€” and humorously β€” very left-leaning copy. Like its apolitical elder, ChatCGT therefore responds to user queries, never forgetting to chat about the class struggle. “She’s come, she doesn’t like Macron, it’s CHATCGT”describes the brother of the founder.

The ChatCGT site was revealed to the world by Vincent Flibustier, who enjoys a small celebrity on the web for having founded the parody site Nordpresse. On the technical side, ChatCGT relies on ChatGPT APIs, available to developers on OpenAI. Although it does not have the same knowledge as ChatGPT, ChatCGT can also answer non-politically oriented questions like β€œCan cats be trusted?” Here too, the AI ​​does not forget its ideals.

You can test this conversational AI at this address. Be careful, she tends to go on strike on her own and unexpectedly…

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