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Microsoft is working on a major update to File Explorer in Windows 11, which will bring a modernized design and additional functionality.

Windows 11 Modernized File Explorer
Credit: windows central

Microsoft has been paying a lot of attention to its File Explorer for a few months now. Windows 11. The program recently received a whole new feature to open multiple tabsand thus allow you to navigate even more easily in its files.

However, this is not the only novelty that Microsoft will add to its application. Indeed, we have known for a few weeks now that the file explorer is going to get a big faceliftand we now know what the redesign of the program will look like.

File Explorer gets a makeover on Windows 11

As reported by our colleagues from Windows Central, the File Explorer update will focus on improving the visual aspect and on a better integration of OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the new “Recommended” section of the home screen. Featured files are pulled from SharePoint and OneDrive, and they’re displayed with large thumbnails so you won’t miss them. Collaborative work is also likely to be facilitated, since you will be able to see recent activity on shared files, as well as recent comments on a file, whether the latter is shared via the cloud or by e-mail.

The new file explorer will for example be equipped witha redesigned toolbar, combined with an address and search bar. As you can see from the screenshots, Microsoft also has change the place of common action buttons such as “copy” or “new”. They will now be just below the address bar.

Perhaps one of the coolest additions is the previews of your photos. You can hover over a photo to see a larger preview. Microsoft would also consider adding tags to files, similar to what is done in macOS, which would make file organization easier. For now, the new update is only available to a very small number of users, but it should be rolling out to everyone by the end of the year.

Windows 11 Modernized File Explorer (2)
Credit: windows central

Source : Windows Central

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